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2023 To be Mackie Adlem’s final Mobil 1 V8 Supercars season

Mackie Adlem

Six-time Mobil 1 V8 Supercars Champion Mackie Adlem will be retiring from the Mobil 1 V8 Supercar Championship in 2023. Adlem has had an illustrious career spanning over two decades and has been a fan favourite throughout his time on the track. His decision to retire has come as a surprise to many, but Adlem has stated that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and pursuing other interests.

Fans around South Africa are sure to miss Adlem’s presence on the track, but they will never forget him as one of the greatest racing champions of the modern V8 Supercar era.

Here is what he would like to share:

“I want to express my gratitude, admiration and love towards all of you. It has been a pleasure and honour to race alongside talented and passionate competitors as I have. Everyone has played a significant role in my V8 racing career, making me the driver I am today.

Our journey through life is defined by the moments we experience and the memories we create. As I approach the end of the 2023 season, I am preparing to close the final chapter of my V8 Supercar career. As Mary Lou Retton once stated. “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” The memories we’ve made will forever hold a special place in my heart.

To my late father, Johnny Adlem, I wouldn’t have become a racecar driver without his support and encouragement. I am grateful for my parents’ efforts that paved the way for my V8 career.

Thank you to the Adlem Auto Racing Team, my family, and my friends for their support. To my brother Johnny, Frans, Ronnie, MornĂ©, Ulrich, Uncle Ronnie (Riep family), Matthew, John, and David, Pete Frost, my engine builder, Mike Bond, JC Erasmus and late Toni Mackintosh, who helped me during difficult times, and everyone else who invested time in me. Thank you for an incredible few years. As I grew older, my team became like family to me. We care for each other, and the friendships I’ve made in racing will last beyond the time we’ve spent in the race garage and on the racetrack.

My success is built on my wife Michelle’s uncompromising love and support and our children Dylan and Micayla. I am truly blessed to have them. Michelle has been my biggest supporter and motivator, and I am so grateful for the blessing that she is.

To all my racing sponsors, including Adlem Auto, Mapogo A Mathamaga Randfontein, Richard Scrap Metals, 111 Plumbers, Oasis Water Randfontein, JVH, The Blue Bottle Group, Sparco and ELSKA Competition, I am grateful for your unwavering support. With your help, I have accomplished much in my 25 years of racing. Thank you, Mobil 1, for providing a platform to showcase my talent, something no one should take for granted. As I prepare to call an end to my Mobil 1 V8 Supercar career, the sport is blossoming with exciting new talent, and I am eager to see their future accomplishments.

In conclusion, I am enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities in motorsport. Even after this season ends, you won’t have seen the last of me at a racetrack. More importantly, I aspire to be a part of the sport’s future for many years.

Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to thank GOD for my fantastic journey with all of you and speak blessing over you.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace. May His favour be upon you and a thousand generations.”

Issued by Motorsport Fanatix on behalf of Adlem Auto Racing

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