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Lombard tops overall podium at Festival of Motoring

Warren Lombard

2 Podiums and a 4th were enough to secure a 1st overall for the day at the Festival of Motoring for Warren Lombard.

Thank you to Sam Dahl, who loaned us his spare car early Tuesday morning to allow us to compete at the Festival of Motoring. We knew this wouldn’t be an easy task, but the team got straight to work to prep the car before Thursday’s open practice. However, we had problems and didn’t make the open practice.

Friday morning, we had the car sorted and completed 2 Practices.

Saturday, we made it through the race with a slipping clutch and got a 3rd place podium result.

Sunday morning, in perfect race conditions, we set out with a new clutch and managed a 4th position in Race 2 and 2nd place in Race 3 with our fastest lap time the whole weekend. That said, it gave us the overall win for the weekend and the top spot on the podium.

Thank you to everyone for the help and for making it possible to be there and just finish the races, our main goal.

Issued by Warren Lombard

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